Middle School Spiritual Formation


We are, above all, a Catholic school. Faith is woven into every aspect of life at St. Therese. Your child will grow in a community that learns, serves, plays and prays together. There are many ways our students live out their faith at St. Therese School.



STS starts each day in prayer, recognizing our blessings, praying for others and simply showing gratitude for our many gifts.



All students and faculty attend Mass each Wednesday as a school community,  celebrating Christ’s love.  Students are involved in the Mass at all ages-from preschool through 8th grade. Whether it’s bringing up the gifts, being a reader, or reading a petition - all are welcome and encouraged to participate.



Students spend time in quiet reflection and prayer, known as Adoration, each week. This time is spent as a class within the parish chapel and allows time for student’s to quiet themselves and set aside time each week to pray, growing closer to God. We find that students enjoy this time in their school week to reflect on their blessings and just be still for a bit.



Our pastor, Fr. Andrie, joins a different class each Friday. During this time, he connects Christ’s teachings to a class concept. For example, our kindergarten class learned about Noah’s Arc, while another kindergarten class was curious about the statues of Marie and Louis Martin (parents of St. Therese of Lisieux) in our entryway. They joined Fr. Andrie to see and learn more about this fascinating couple-who were first to be cannonized as a couple! Father Andrie is present and engaged throughout our school. Friday’s with Father is yet another way that he enriches student’s lives with Catholic teachings and virtues.