Middle School Math


St. Therese Catholic School currently offers two main "Math Paths" for middle school students. While we have these two main paths, we do our best to accommodate for students who have a best fit outside of these paths. Most students either complete an 8th grade level Linear Algebra Course in 8th Grade or a Geometry Course.


The first math path includes 6th Grade Math, Pre-Algebra in 7th grade, and a Linear Algebra course in 8th grade. This path enables students to solidify computational skills early on in middle school and get more individualized math assistance throughout the entirety of their middle school years.  This group of students follows the Minnesota State Grade Level Standards and puts the students on track to enter either an Advanced Algebra or a Geometry course in 9th grade.


The second math path includes Pre-Algebra in 6th grade, Algebra in 7th grade, and Geometry in 8th grade. This path requires a strong mathematical aptitude, as well as a commitment to the level of math homework for the entire three years of Middle School. This path will be rigorous throughout the middle school and high school years. Most of these students will take Algebra 2 in 9th grade.