Welcome to St. Therese Catholic School!


Thank you for visiting us as you consider the options for your child(ren)’s education and formation.

We know that you will fall in love with our school and parish community as we are united in Christ and strive to work together for the education of each of our students. Education at St. Therese is truly a partnership between the home and school.

As each one of us is a child of God, I am proud of our mission to celebrate the worth and dignity of each of our students while striving to realize each of their unique potential. Our intimate classroom settings allow us to achieve these goals.

We are proud of our outstanding academic achievements! We are also proud that we are so much more than just an educational institution. We are a home to the students, staff and families who make up our community. We work together, support each other and grow together!

I hope that you will consider learning more about St. Therese Catholic School and joining our St. Therese Family. Please reach out with any questions!


Adam Groebner

Root Beliefs

Our root beliefs - quite simply - are our guiding principles. 

Not just words to our students and staff, they are how we live out Christ’s love. A few years ago, we pulled together an engaging group of parents, faculty and alumni. We reflected on how we view St. Therese School and what principals we hold dear. 

With the help of the University of Notre Dame, we narrowed our mission down to these simple beliefs, that are core to all we do, say and experience at St. Therese. These beliefs are found throughout the hallways, in the lunchroom - and you’ll find our students living these root beliefs each day. 

A Pre-K through 8th Grade School

St. Therese School provides students the unique option of a K-8th grade school. Over the past 10 years, research has shown that K-8 grade model results in students having a more positive view of their academic abilities. This is especially relevant as middle school students transition into high school. Additional benefits we’ve seen and research has proven include: 

  • A stronger sense of community for all students. 
  • Teachers who have known students since kindergarten, and often know each child’s story, both challenges and what makes them special and unique within their group of classmates. 
  • Cross-grade collaboration and leadership opportunities like having older students read to or our “Buddies” program. 

While the research continues to point towards greater overall achievement, at St. Therese we are proud of our graduates who are confident, academically prepared and kind as they transition into high school. 

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