Spirit Club


While the school day ends for your student, the work day continues beyond the dismissal bell for many parents.  Spirit Club provides convenient, after school care for your child.  Beginning with a nutritious snack, we follow with exercise and free play to get some energy out.  We usually opt to go outdoors, but the gym is readily available when weather is a factor.


Once we’ve settled into the classroom, our staff guides our students through their studies and homework.  We aim to have assignments completed in this timeframe.  Our day is rounded out with various activities:  arts and crafts, reading, computer time, board games, group activities, themed days, bingo, science experiments, movies, journal writing and simply relaxing.



  • School Day Hours: 2:15-5:30pm
  • Non School Day Hours: 7:00am-5:30pm


Questions? Email jbegalke@st-therese.org