Middle School Specialty Classes



Many parents may not realize how Art education carries over into math, reading, science, and more.  From preschool to 8th grade, St. Therese students have Art classes with age appropriate concepts and lessons.  An Art curriculum provides a creative outlet for many children and instills confidence - mistakes are part of each art piece’s uniqueness. Art history is integrated into art projects, encouraging student to learn about the artist and technique. Thinking outside the box and innovative concepts used in the Art classroom are ongoing skills that carry over into adulthood.



Another language of its own, Music is a part of the St. Therese PreK-8th grade curriculum.  Ample research is available regarding the benefits of music education, especially helping to develop language and reasoning.  Whether listening to music, playing an instrument, or singing a song, nearly all children enjoy some aspect of music.  By beginning at an early age, teaching Music enhances a child’s academic skills, physical skills and social interaction.  Students participate in Christmas and spring musical performances.


Physical Education

Our aim is to develop healthy habits and promote physical activity throughout a lifetime.  With a gym and outdoor playing field, STS has plenty of space to develop skills, teach teamwork and inspire fitness.  We incorporate health education into our K-8th grade curriculum to meet state standards and grade-level benchmarks.  Each year, our middle school students participate with other west metro Catholic schools in a health fair with hands-on classes in current fitness topics and trends.


To reinforce the importance on physical activity and this important meetings space, the school gym recieved a new floor,a fresh coat of paint and all new gymnasium mats in the summer of 2020.



At the forefront of our Spanish program, is the understanding that global knowledge is increasingly valuable in our world today.  At STS, we teach the Spanish language beginning in preschool.  Our children receive instruction twice a week in K-8th grades.  Not only do our students benefit from developing speaking skills in a foreign language, they receive cultural insight and diversity training at a very early age.  Many enter high school fully able to perform at an intermediate level or honors level in Spanish courses.