The St. Therese Difference

St. Therese Early Learning Center provides a play-based and nature-based learning experience for preschoolers. Play-based learning is grounded in play. Activities based in play are pleasurable, intrinsically motivating, and child selected. 

Nature-based simply means that as many of our activities (academic and otherwise) as possible are based in nature. That may simply be moving an activity outside, but it could also mean using supplies from nature or integrating nature in our play. 

If we aren’t out learning and exploring and playing in our beautiful Outdoor Learning Center, you might find us on the playground or in our DNR certified school forest. Out in the woods, you will often find children exploring puddles, climbing on our big tree bridge, making music with logs or other materials, or playing pirate ship on the large piles of wood chips. Our forest space is a magical place where children’s imaginations can run wild!

St. Therese Early Learning Center provides a play-based, nature-based program in a faith-based environment. We use Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies to carry out this programming.


Learn more about Creative Curriculum.