Early Childhood

Welcome to St. Therese Early Learning Center! 

St. Therese Early Learning Center is a joyful, thriving, faith-based preschool program where your child will be encouraged to grow in academics, social skills, and a love of the Lord. Our teachers are experienced, kind, loving people who take time to get to know you and your child completely. We provide an environment in which each child feels safe, special, and valued. We look forward to meeting and working with your family!

Play and Nature-Based Learning

St. Therese Early Learning Center provides a play-based and nature-based learning experience for preschoolers. Play-based learning is learning that is grounded in play. Activities based in play are pleasurable, intrinsically motivating, and child selected. This means that most of our academic activities will have these characteristics. We are also nature-based which simply means that as many of our activities (academic and otherwise) as possible are based in nature.



Most importantly, your child will be immersed in faith, knowing they are a unique and beautiful child created in the likeness of God. From the chapel to church to God’s creation surrounding them outside, there are so many places your child will feel and know God’s presence in their day at St. Therese. 

Through songs and prayer, your child will grow in their faith each and every day. Once your child is four-years-old, he or she will also have a chance to participate in school Masses. Pre-K students are matched up with a “Mass Buddy” from an older grade to attend Mass each week with the rest of the school community.