Jane Wolfgram

ELC Giraffe Teacher




BA – Theology, Currently working on MA – Theology


I lovingly ran a day care in my home in Eden Prairie from 1991 – 2011.  It seemed very natural that I would move directly into teaching preschool when this chapter of my life ended.  I could have never believed that I would be so blessed to spend my days co-teaching with Sr. Sancta.  She is the living definition of grace and the joy of being a teacher!  I prefer to teach the year before kindergarten because the students are so excited and enthusiastic to begin their journey as, hopefully, life long learners.  They are all on the cusp of an adventure.  I also appreciate the flexibility of the preschool schedule that allows for a great deal of our curricula and learning to happen outside!  I am the product of 12 years of Catholic education as are my parents, my siblings and all of the grandchildren.  I cannot ask for a more wonderful career that allows me to share my passion for encouraging children to find their own relationship with Jesus along with the life skills that Jesus’ love teaches all of us.