Elementary Deephaven Woods


St. Therese Catholic School and Deephaven Woods Senior Living share the same beautiful campus, allowing students regular opportunities to spend time with their "Grandfriends".  As children and seniors share memories, play games and create together, an unmistakable bond forms that transcends generations. Children learn to think beyond their small worlds. Seniors feel a new sense of purpose. For kids who don't live near their own grandparents, this connection can be especially poignant and meaningful.


Younger Pre-K students make visits to their grandfriends each week, creating art, reading, and playing bingo are just a few examples of how we spend time together. Our Elementary students have interacted with their grandfriends at school (serving as Science Fair judges!) or while working on projects that may relate historically to a Grandfriend. (Ex.,Veterans Day)


We are blessed to have our Grandfriends on the St. Therese School campus and continue to learn from their life experiences, while forming friendships that are unique and long-lasting.