St. Therese toddlers are bright and bold! The 1:5 teacher:child ratio in the toddler room allows staff to get to know each child individually and encourage their little personalities to blossom. 

This amazing time of development is enhanced with art, music, dramatic play, cognitive learning, gross and fine motor development. Activities throughout the day are balanced with both active time and quieter moments. We take advantage of our amazing campus by exploring the beauty of nature in our Outdoor Learning Center and the DNR Certified School Forest right outside our front door. 

Whether we are playing on our “toddlers only” playground, walking in the woods, singing songs or learning about colors, shapes, letters, numbers and so much more - our toddlers are immersed in learning and love.

General Schedule

7:00-9:00: Free Play/Arrival (Diapering as needed)

9:00-9:45: Breakfast

9:45-10:00: Group Time

10:00-11:00: Large Motor Activities (Outside when possible)

11:00-12:00: Large Group/Free Play (Diapering/Pottying around 11:00)

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-3:00: Rest Time

3:00-3:30: Quiet Play/Wake Up/Diapering

3:30-4:00: Snack

4:00-5:30: Large Motor Play/Pick Up (Outside when possible, combined with preschool)