At St Therese School, we encourage our students to be curious about our entire universe and this amazing world that God created for us.  We devise as many opportunities as possible to “live” science by emphasizing hands-on schooling.  Whether it’s tapping maple trees in our Deephaven, DNR-certified woods or conducting a controlled experiment in our science lab, we seek understanding by doing.  These lessons increase the likelihood of retention and comprehension for all our students.

Varied topics, such as monarch butterflies, pollination and bees, maple sap production, and the significance of water are taught across all grade levels.  Children’s literature, visits to the school forest and Outdoor Learning Classroom, guest speakers, and field trips are employed at all ages to bring a greater depth of knowledge and understanding to topics taught in class.  



Computer coding is introduced to all students using web resources such as and hands-on supplies like Finch robots.