Charles Dudek

Middle School Science Teacher


St. John’s University (2014) B.A. in Chemistry St. Mary’s University (expected 2022) M. Ed. in Chemistry, Physical Science, General Science


After being undecided in a career path out of college, I volunteered for a year at St. Benedict’s Prep, a boarding high school in downtown Newark, New Jersey. At first, I felt a bit out of my element. A few weeks later, I realized these kids were just like me - only a little younger! I found a niche with coaching and after-school tutoring, and soon found my calling. After the volunteer year was up, I went back to my home state of Nebraska and began work at my alma mater, Mount Michael Benedictine. However, I have always loved the state of Minnesota. Two years ago, I returned to MN and have never looked back. I am currently working towards a Master in Education from the University of St. Mary’s, so I can stay at St. Therese and Minnesota forever.